Robotic Spot Welding


Robotic Spot Welding


The Robotic Spot Welding system, featuring collaborative robots, customizable tooling, and advanced vision capabilities, represents a state-of-the-art solution for achieving precise and efficient spot welding in various manufacturing scenarios.

  • Collaborative Robots from Universal Robots (UR):
    Utilize collaborative robots from Universal Robots (UR) for the Robotic Spot Welding process. These robots are designed to work alongside human operators, ensuring a safe and efficient collaborative working environment.
  • Customized End-Effector and Universal Jigs:
    Tailor the robotic system to your specific welding requirements with customized end-effectors and universal jigs. This customization ensures versatility in handling various workpieces and accommodates different welding applications.
  • Modular System to Support Multiple Production Lines:
    Embrace a modular system that supports multiple production lines. This scalability enhances flexibility, allowing the robotic spot welding system to adapt to changing production needs and seamlessly integrate into various manufacturing environments.
  • High Precision Pick and Place, and Calibration with Arm-Mounted Camera:
    Achieve high precision in pick-and-place operations and calibration using an arm-mounted camera. This technology ensures accurate alignment and positioning of workpieces, contributing to the overall precision of spot welding.
  • Post-Welding Quality Inspection with Vision System:
    Implement a post-welding quality inspection process with an advanced vision system. This system checks for welding quality, ensuring that each spot weld meets the specified standards for strength and accuracy.
  • Real-Time Utilization Update Over the Internet:
    Stay informed about the performance of the robotic spot welding system with real-time utilization updates over the internet. This feature enables remote monitoring, allowing for timely adjustments and optimization of the welding process.
  • 7th Axis Capability with Cobot on Linear Actuators:
    Enhance the range of motion with 7th axis capability, incorporating cobots on linear actuators. This additional axis improves the flexibility of the robotic system, enabling it to reach challenging weld locations with ease.
  • Welder on Station or Mounted on Cobot Arm:
    Choose the configuration that best suits your needs, with the welder stationed or mounted directly on the cobot arm. This flexibility allows for optimization based on the specific requirements of your welding applications.


Cobot Payload

3.5 and 10 kg


Up to 30 micron

Product Loading Format

Tray, Cassette, Magazine, etc.



Vision Module Accuracy

+/- 0.6 mm

Facility Requirement

Power: 220-240 VAC Single Phrase 50/60Hz CDA: 0.6MPa