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Company Background

About Us


TT Vision is a technology driven company specializing in the development of automated machine vision solutions. We offer one of the most cost effective PC-based vision systems through innovative solutions developed in-house. The high speed, high accuracy and highly repeatable system is the result of years of research of refinement from field tests.

TTVHB is an investment holding company whilst our subsidiaries are principally involved in the development and manufacturing of machine vision equipment, and provision of related products and services. Our equipment, which is equipped with our vision inspection module, is primarily used for the inspection of optoelectronics (LEDs), solar wafers and cells, discrete components and ICs (chips) as well as vision guided robotic equipment. Additional functions such as reject handling, testing and sorting are also integrated in some of our machine vision equipment. Our customers comprised manufacturers within the semiconductor industry where most of our equipment are used in and incorporated along the manufacturing processes in the production of semiconductor components, parts and devices such as optoelectronics (LEDs), solar wafers and cells, discrete components and ICs (chips). Apart from Malaysia, we also export our products to other foreign countries including South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, China, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, USA and Japan. Our Group was co-founded in 2001 by Goon Koon Yin (Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director), Wong Yih Hsow (Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director) and Jennie Tan Yen-Li (Chief HR & Administration Officer and Executive Director).

Our Mission and Vision


Mission :

To provide innovative integrated vision synergy equipment systems for tomorrow's technology.

Vision :

To be a leading-edge brand specializing in the development of automated and connected equipment solutions with mastery in vision system with :-

  • Innovative (Customer Centric) Solutions
  • People (User-Friendly) Technology