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Job Title
Role: Researching, designing, and developing software codes and control circuits for automation equipment. Tasks involve testing, debugging, sustaining products, training personnel, and collaborating with suppliers to ensure cost-effective and high-quality solutions while emphasizing proper documentation throughout the design and development processes.
Role: Conduct research, contribute to conceptual design, and develop automation solutions. Perform component selection, engineering calculations, and simulations for verification. Engage in assembly, testing, and debugging. Support equipment setup, commissioning, and buyoff. Sustain existing products, ensure documentation, and coordinate cross-functional projects for cost-effective, timely, and high-performance outcomes.
Role: Interpret and analyze Bills of Materials (BOM) to plan material delivery according to project plan. RFQ (Requests for Quotation) for components, assemblies, systems, or outsourced activities.
Role: Design and debug PC-based software for automated vision inspection systems. Provide customer support, evaluate modifications, analyze requirements, and collaborate on hardware-software interfaces. Support production for machine build issues and drive continuous improvements for existing and new products.
Role: Ensure efficient AP operations by posting invoices, preparing payments, and maintaining accurate records. Manage bank reconciliation, analyze vendor accounts, handle inquiries, and contribute to month-end closing. Coordinate banking facilities, handle statutory reports, and support finance operations.
Role: Lead the maintenance and administration of computer networks, ensuring data security, troubleshooting, and implementing strategic solutions. Oversee network infrastructure, manage ERP systems, and develop IT policies. Provide leadership to a team, stay updated on IT trends, and collaborate to align systems with company goals.
Role: Troubleshooting, providing a technical solution and analyzing on-site machine issues raised by customers. Install and set up equipment & retrofit kit at the customer site, including but not limited to the vision system, and interfacing with other sub-systems. Perform acceptance of protocol/ buyoff with customer upon installation and setup.


Job Title
Role: Engage in research, contribute to conceptual design, and develop automation solutions. Gain hands-on experience in component selection, sourcing, engineering calculations, and testing of automation equipment, jigs, and fixtures.
Role: Gain hands-on experience in machine vision, involving setup, troubleshooting, stress testing, cycle runs, and data collection/reporting. Acquire practical skills in the application and optimization of machine vision technologies.
Role: Conduct component selection, engineering calculations, and simulations. Ensure compliance with safety standards, assist in equipment setup, and contribute to sustaining products. Drive innovation and collaborate with suppliers for cost-effective, timely, and high-quality solutions.
Role: Manage vendor goods, update ERP systems, track loaned, repaired, modified, and rejected parts. Monitor stock movement, conduct inventory checks, support purchasers, source materials, negotiate prices, release purchase orders, analyze materials, and coordinate with internal departments to meet customer needs.

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