machine vision inspection system
advanced machine vision inspection system

Tube-To-Tube Automated Handler

Tube-to-Tube Automated Handler
The VI-3000 consists of two fully intergrated subsystems - an Automated Tube-to-tube Handler and a 3-camera High Resolution
Vision Inspection System.

The single track handling system moves the devices to be inspected
through the vision system in a controlled manner. It positions the devicesat each inspection station and sorts the inspected devices into the appropriate output tubes. All operations are performed in a manner which protects the leads and contents of the IC package from damage. Devices are handled at a cycle rate of approx. 7000 UPH.

The inspection system consists of 3 cameras and optics interfaced with
a computerized image processing system. Specific inspection routines enablethe user to program criteria for coplanarity, lead spacing and tweezetolerances. The image processing system digitizes images acquired by the cameras and analyzes them using the system’s sophisticated software.Specific measurements are taken and compared againt pre-selected criteria to determine a pass or fail decision. Finally, the image processing

Handler Capability & Specification
Cycle Time >7000 UPH
MTBA 45 min
High Through-Put which Handles PDIP, To and SOIC Devices
Meant For Mark, Lead and Package Inspection
Input Stack Tube Up to 40 Plastic Tubes
Output Tube Handler
3 Stations for Mark, Lead and Package Inspection
Stepper Driven for Reject Units
2 Tubes for Bent Lead Reject
1 Tube for Mark Reject
1 Tube for Package Reject
Package type PDIP, TO and SOIC Devices
Dimensions 1700(L) x 650(W) x 1200(H)
Weight Approximately 150kg
Power 110V A.C, 50Hz, Single Phase, 15A
Air Supply 4 kg/cm2
Camera Resolution 752 x 582 Pixels
Sub-Pixel Resolution 0.25 Pixel
System Accuracy 0.025 mm
Inspection Cycle Time 60 milliseconds
GR&R <10 %