machine vision inspection system
advanced machine vision inspection system

QFN & MLP Vision Inspection System

QFN & MLP Vision Inspection System
The QFN Vision Inspection System is a cost effective, true 6 side vision inspection system. It insludes a top module for Mark Inspection, a side module for 3D Pad Inspection and a bottom module for 2D Pad Inspection.Package surface Inspection is performed on all

And all this is done at a high speed for real time inspection applications.

The system is PC-based with a user friendly GUI for ease of set-up. It comes readywith I/Os for integration with other equipment.

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Inspection Features
User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Multi Camera Inspection
Inspects Various Models
Multiple Mark Criteria Inspected
Multiple Pad Criteria Inspected
Multiple Package Criteria Inspected
Device Auto-Referencing
Auto-save Defect Images
Software-assisted Character Teaching
Calibration to Real Units (mm, um, inch mils)
Integrated Pass, Fail, Throughput and Percentage Display
User-defined Inspection Parameters
User-defined Acceptance Parameters
Sub-pixel Accuracy
Multi Level Password Access
Save and Retreive Set-up Files
Low Yield Alarm
Mega-Pixel Resolution
Dual Capture Mode
Progressive Scanning
Inspection Capability
System Specification