machine vision inspection system
advanced machine vision inspection system

General Purpose System

General Purpose System
You will not need someone to write special code.
A PC is used only during set-up.
Inspection parameters are easily and intuitively defined using
TT-Vision’s powerful software.
Once an inspection or series of inspections are defined, the stand-alone
TT-Vision system is ready to go to work.

Software Features

High Performance Vision System
Analyzes shapes in the image for various geomatric characteristicssuch as size, perimeter and density.Object tools are primarily used in part sorting and locating application.
High Performance Vision System
It is a gray scale pattern matching tools. It lets you train the system on a reference pattern and afterwards located its occurences in other images.This tool is quite convenient when position of a given part in the field ofview is unknown or if the presence of the parts must be controlled.
Low Cost Vision System
OCR consists of a set of character
recognition functions. You can use
them to read or verify printed or
machanical generated characters
(such as serial number, identification
numbers etc, even when they are
severely damaged)
Low Cost Vision System
A sub-pixel measurement tool that
enables accurate dimensional control
of objects.
High Performance Vision System
Convert pixel coordinate to real world
coordinate measurement e.g. mm,
Low Cost Vision System
Extensive help topics and tutorial
guides help you during your first
steps with TT-Vision.
General Purpose Vision System
Display analysis results in tablur format
and allow data sorting which gives
in-depth information about the image
General Purpose Vision System
Use them to preprocess the images
before analysis: remove noise,
compensate variable lighting
conditions, correct geometric
distortion, among others.