machine vision inspection system
advanced machine vision inspection system

Post Seal Vision Inspection

Post Seal Vision Inspection

The V1000 Series Post Seal Vision inspection System is designed to inspect for component integrity after the sealing process. The frequently encountered translucence and reflection of cover tapes and carrier tapes are overcome with advanced illumination and image filtering techniques.

The system capabilities include orientation, mark and lead inspection. It can be applied to leaded components as well as unleaded components such as LED, IC, die and so forth.

The system comes with a PC based controller and I/O ready for interface with
host machines. The user interface is graphical for user friendliness and includes
a range of features for ease of operation.

For new applications, please consult us for an evaluation.
Inspection Capability
Orientation Inspection
- Notch
- Dimple
- Chamfer
- Mark

Lead Inspection
- Pitch
- Bent
- Missing
- Extra
- Length
- Span

Mark Inspection
- Wrong
- Illegible
- Misaligned
- Double
- Missing

System Specification
Hardware Specification